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Author: ellie

My name is Ellie. As an author, I have written various novels and teenage stories. I have just finished working on a Master of Science degree in Information Science.

All About Pharmacy Technician Schools

October 4, 2018

Pharmacy technician jobs are one of the main positions seeing drastic increases with hiring expected to increase as much as 25 percent over the next few years. This is a great opportunity for anyone with good attention to detail to consider a career as a Pharmacy Technician or `PT`, especially since it is possible to […]

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Health Insurance Costs and Modern Medicine

August 11, 2018

It seems that the more insurance one has the higher go the fees. Doctors now earn substantially more than they did proportionally few years ago. While they know that their patients can recover most of the cost for their service they rarely get an argument from them. In Australia we have the Medicare system that […]

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Modern and Ayurvedic Medicines

July 5, 2018

Modern medicines treat the physical body, considering each organ or component as separate from the other. Thus, we find specialists in modern medicines. For instance, a cardiologist will most likely refer you to a gastrologist if you came to him complaining of suffering from severe hurt burn In contrast, the field of Ayurveda treats the […]

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All About Medical Translation

June 4, 2018

The translation of the medical records is beneficial to both the patients and staff working in the hospitals. To the patients, the translation ensures that the patients have a less stressful experience when they visit your facility. Have you ever visited a place that you don’t understand? It’s usually scaring and frustrating, right? That is […]

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