5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

how many calories should i burn per day

A sedentary lifestyle can be really dangerous to your health; physical exercise is of extreme importance if you are looking to lead a healthy life. If you are concerned about “ how many calories should I burn per day” to reduce weight, you should know that 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat and hence, if you burn around 1000 calories daily you will end up losing 2 pounds a week.

Here are some easy ways to burn calories without going for strenuous workouts.

  • Walking: Running is the most intense exercise when compared to walking and jogging. While running may not be everyone’s cup of tea, starting with a simple aim to complete 10,000 steps a day. An average person burns around 100 calories every 2000 steps. Thus, if you hit your target of 10k steps a day you will end up losing 500 calories each day. Again, this figure can vary depending on your weight, pace, age and body fat percentage.

how many calories should i burn per day

  • Use Stairs: If you are staying or working in a multi-story building, shun the elevator and make it a habit to use the stairs instead. The more you make use of stairs, the better it is for burning calories and for your overall health. They help to shape up lower body muscles and promote cardiovascular health.
  • Move While on Calls: When taking a call on your cell phone make it a habit to walk. You will be surprised to see how much you have walked while talking on the home. Every step counts when it comes to burning calories, and this is a great way to get the necessary exercise.

how many calories should i burn per day

  • Stand More: Even if you are sitting quietly you burn calories. But, for every 10 seconds more that you choose to stand, you will burn about 10 calories. It is literally the best way to burn a few extra calories, without it feeling like exercise. So, try holding your meetings while standing.
  • Go Dancing: Dancing is a great and fun way to get your daily quota of exercise. While going to the gym may feel like a task, dancing with your friends is a good way to socialize and grab exercise simultaneously. Even if you are not into serious dancing, you can burn off 100 calories in just 30 minutes of casual dancing. Just make sure you don’t choose to dance on a restaurant dance floor, because you might end up consuming more calories than you burn.

how many calories should i burn per day

There are numerous ways of burning out calories in an easy and simple way. All you need is to be a little mindful and understand the importance of burning calories. Instead of taking the car out every time, take the extra effort to walk short distances. You can also take other measures like taking the farthest parking stop, which will make you walk to get to your car.

Incorporating these small changes in your lifestyle will help you burn those extra calories without any extra effort and get you in shape in not time!


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